Some professions have bad reputations, tax, estate agents, double glazing, and telemarketing.

These reputations arise, usually, from someone’s bad experience, and it’s true what they say, “bad news travels 10 times faster than good.”

I can’t address the reputations of the tax office, estate agents, or double glazing but I can distinguish between the good, the bad and the downright ugly practices within the telemarketing.


Good (Best) Practice

A polite introduction

To save everyone time we always state our name and the company we are calling from and who we are looking to talk to.


Good English

Everyone has an accent but so long as they can speak politely, and with good pronunciation we will employ them.


A personable approach

We take time with our introductions and where possible have a quick word with reception. It helps to build a rapport for any future calls.


Delivering the proposition

Having got through to the right contact we re-introduce ourselves and then say why we are calling. We don’t want to waste anybody’s time or create a bad impression as we know that it’s our client’s reputation that is on the line. So, having said why we are ringing we simply ask if that is of interest now or in the future. If it is, we can proceed further but if it isn’t, we thank them for their time and politely take our leave.



To avoid confusion going forward every single call is coded depending on the outcome of the call. So, for example, NI (Not interested) will not get bothered again whereas someone who has asked for some information (SIF) will receive another call in a week’s time.


Avoiding aggressive behaviour

If someone says something provocative, like “telemarketing doesn’t work,” we always back away and thank them for their time. There is no need to get involved as they are not likely to go any further and pursuing matters could lead into dangerous conflict.



Bad Practice

Gabbling and Poor English.

Introductions are gabbled so that you don’t hear who they are and their use of the English language is appalling. They’ve lost your interest before they even get started. “No thank you” and the phone is down.


“How are you today?”

This is certainly my pet hate. They didn’t ring to ask after your health so they should just get on with it. “No thank you” and the phone is down.


“Can I confirm some details before we start?”

I don’t even know who they are or why they are calling so I’m certainly not confirming anything. “No thank you” and the phone is down.


They are pushy

You’ve already said you are not interested, but they keep on going. “No thank you” and the phone is down.


They keep ringing

The same people, the same proposition and you’ve said no before. “No thank you” and the phone is down.


Ugly Practice


They don’t treat reception courteously

I actually heard this whilst waiting in reception for a sales meeting. The phone rang, the receptionist answered with the company name and this loud voice just said “Put me through to marketing!” There was no good morning, please or thank you. The receptionist, now with hackles well and truly up said “do you have a name you wish —-” and he cut her off said just put me through, will you! Where upon she told him that without a name and his name that was impossible. He then hung up.

Astonishing to think that he thought that that approach would work.


They are pushy and aggressive

When you say “no” they reply with a question “Why do you say that?”


They keep pushing until you are forced to be rude and “No thank you” and the phone is down.


BHT Marketing Ltd has been conducting B2B telemarketing since 1997 and have always used best practice. It is our motto “Do no harm”. We are always very conscious that your good name and reputation are in our hands.


What to do

If you are thinking of using a telemarketing agency, please feel free to pick up the ‘phone and have a chat with us. Our number is 0808-172-1900 – we will talk you through the process and let you decide what you want to do – no pressure!