What do we all need?

We need quick wins and longer-term wins and this is the way we can go about it.


Quick wins – Telemarketing

You can use telemarketing over the next 6 months to re-establish links with your known contacts and discover what opportunities are available for you and when.


Mid to longer-term wins – Dig-e-Tel ©.

Dig-e-Tel © finds the right person, in the right company, in the right market who is interested in what you do and will be a happy to talk business when the time is right.

Dig-e-Tel © is a progression of digital marketing to emailing to telephone/video conversations to sales meeting.

It is  highly effective and in just 5 weeks (50 hours) we developed a database of 120 contacts.

We could do the same for you too – by the end of January.


Quick and mid-to longer-term wins – Telemarketing and Dig-e-Tel© – Combined

The current circumstances call for a effective action and by combining these two techniques you can –

  • talk to and evaluate existing contact opportunities and establish a short-term sales pipeline
  • find, develop and nurture new prospects for the mid to long-term pipelines



Theses two marketing approaches work to bring in business quickly and then on a steady basis into the future


What do you do now?

Give us a call on 0808-172-1900.

We will run through all of this, answer your questions and talk about the appropriate campaign for you to fit your needs and your budget.