The Problem

Being able to recontact existing and lapsed clients has become much harder because of Covid-19.

Many contacts are no longer in place. Finding the persons now responsible and building working relationships will take time.

Couple this with reduced in-house sales, marketing budgets and fewer staff and you can see the problem.

We all need the sales process up and running as quickly as possible.

We don’t want to be wasting time rebuilding contact relationships.

Solution 1

An experienced, professional B2B telemarketing agency is the answer.

While you concentrate on the contacts that are still in place we will work to re-contact the rest.

We will find the new contacts, send them your information and follow them up.

We will find out when they will be looking to buy and will call to book that all-important sales appointment.

Then it’s over to you.

Solution 2

We would also recommend using a call-handling service to limit disruption during the working day.

Its simplicity itself.

You rent a line for £14 a month and only pay for each call received.

We then send the substance of the call over by email and you respond later in the day, say after

The Result

You are left free to get on driving your business forward while we take the calls and do the cold -calling spade work.

Two Additional Services that could help

  1. Our Dig-e-Tel© service can build a new prospect list and convert these into leads over time.
  2. BHT Cash Management – we can chase up outstanding invoices while we do your telemarketing.


BHT can save you time whilst helping you to rebuild your front-end.

What to do now

To find out more detail just give us a call on 0808-172 1900