Over the next 12 months or so there will be times when we all wished we had a wider prospect base.

Dig-e-Tel© – our latest service development

  • Here at BHT we came to the realisation that we couldn’t just rely on our existing client base coming back to us. So, in order to recover from the effects of this dreadful pandemic, we knew we would need to find more prospects for our telemarketing and call-handling services.
  • We developed our new service called Dig-e-Tel©.
  • Dig-e-Tel© morphs from digital messaging, to emailing, to telephone conversations (you couldn’t call it telemarketing because it isn’t cold calling) and finally to that all important sales meeting.

The current outcome

  • We have trialled Dig-e-Tel© over 3 months and found the rate of link-up varies quite dramatically from market to market.
  • In one market the average link-up varies between 90 minutes and 25 minutes!
  • We are now trialling the system in a different market and we’ll see how that goes.
  • We have already expanded our contact list by 147 and our medium-term prospects by 28.

So what can you do?

  • The coronavirus has caused changes in working practices. A lot of people now work from home.
  • Consequently, making contact by phone can be tricky.
  • This is why Dig-e-Tel© can make a difference
  • Because we are using digital messaging to make and develop the first prospect contact.
  • That message goes straight to the recipient’s PC/Laptop.
  • No more gate-keepers!
  • Once contact/interest is made the system can move the relationship forward discovering possible needs and timings.

Don’t delay!

  • You could employ this system to expand your prospect base before this year is out
  • You could be in a stronger position at the start of 2021.
  • Our experience suggests Dig-e-Tel© could add 7 to 20 new contacts/prospects every month.

Make Contact

  • If  you’d like to know more just give us a ring on 0808-172-1900.