The blunt answer is because they aren’t very good at it.

And they aren’t very good at it because they don’t like doing it, why should they?

They came into sales because they have face-to-face sales skills, not one-dimension voice skills on a telephone. They go to appointments and do their thing. Theirs’s is not the life of trying to get past gate-keepers or having to call back because the prospect isn’t in. This is not the life they signed up for. Push them into it and the result is you’ll get is unhappy unmotivated sales people.

What is the difference between in-house and agency telemarketing

  1. In-house calling is slower as there is a tendency to try to sell on the telephone, so each call takes more time.
  2. Non-telemarketers will find any reason not to be working on the phones. So productivity is low and progress is slow.
  3. Experienced telemarking is impartial and efficient. Telemarketers start with a well ordered database and a structured work ethic. They work through the database, recording, coding, sending out information and because of their systems they are able to follow-up the right companies at the right time. The net result is steady, efficient telemarketing with good outcomes.
  4. Sales teams are working to achieve short-term targets.
  5. Agencies will develop a short-term sales pipeline as well as a medium to long-term sales pipeline.
  6. Salesmen will often book appointments just to get out of the office. He will probably win a genuine appointment and then pack the shoulders of the day with “I’m going to be in your area” appointments. The net result is wasted time.
  7. Agencies set firm goals in geographical clusters but concentrate on getting properly qualified appointments so as not to waste the clients valuable time.
  8. Salesmen will book appointments using their old contacts who are not those necessarily in the market. They do this because they are under pressure to get appointments.
  9. Agencies always make the point that it takes time to develop momentum before a steady stream of appointments filter through.
  10. Salesmen are reluctant to follow-up proposals because they don’t like rejection.
  11. Telemarketing agencies are impartial, so following up proposals is not an emotional issue.

What is the answer?

 The sales team should be tasked with following up the people they have already know to see if and when they will be able to discuss business.

A telemarketing agency should be employed to develop and run a campaign of a minimum of 5 hours per week to find new prospects for the next 6 – 12 months.

The Result

The company gest the best of both worlds:

  • The sales team is happier and more effective
  • Future sales prospects are being developed ready to hand over to the sales team at the right time


In-house telemarketing is less efficient than using an agency because telemarketing agencies do this for a living. They have achieve results to stay in business.

A telemarketing agency can develop a supply of new prospects at a more efficient rate than an in-house team cobbled together from other members of staff.

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