BHT was established in 1997 and has always provided the right marketing at the right price and at the right time.

Telemarketing – In the late 90’s telemarketing providing results of between 10-15% interest and built prospect pipelines. (BHT can still provide telemarketing campaigns for the smaller budget).

Mailshots and telemarketing – BHT sent a letter before making the telephone call increasing the number of appointments. However, there were two major drawbacks.

  1. database contact information was very inaccurate so a lot of mail was wasted.
  2. rising postage costs made the technique too expensive

e-mail with telemarketing – The inaccuracy of data and postage costs forced a move to mass email marketing with telephone follow-up. However, whilst the cost of postage was now eliminated the inaccuracy of contact email address information wasn’t and the results depended solely on the client having massive databases to counteract the low returns

Then came the legislation banning blanket email marketing and killed this technique stone dead. (It is now only legal to email someone who has given you permission.)

Pure digital – social media messaging, blogging and website promotions.

The advantage was that the only cost was your time and/or the agency fee, the disadvantage was that you had no idea how many people were interested. It was like casting a fishing line and hoping for a bite!

Dig-e-Tel© is a marketing solution borne out of this Covid-19 crisis 

Apart from the appalling cost to human life and well-being, the commercial sector has suffered very badly.

We have weak business finances, reduced staffing levels, and an absolute need to rebuild.

So BHT Marketing Ltd have developed Dig-e-Tel© to help businesses extend their marketing reach to new areas and start rebuilding their prospect lists.

Dig-e-Tel© uses a progressively integrated set of marketing tools – targeted digital marketing, permission based email marketing and telemarketing/video conferencing.

This is what we can do:

  • The campaign budget can start low and build as success pays for it using a combination of telemarketing and Dig-e-Tel©
  • Telemarketing reaches out to all existing contacts, while Dig-e-Tel© develops a completely new list of prospects
  • Starting now will develop a pipeline so that prospects may become clients in the spring of 2021 and onwards.
  • AND the whole procedure complies with TPS, GDPR and email marketing regulations

 Want to know more? – give us a ring on 0808-172-1900 and we’ll tell you what we do and go to

Our experience of the system is that we have never experienced such high levels of interest in such a short period of time. In just 80 hours we increased our own prospect list by over 120 companies – that’s a new prospect every 40 minutes!

So if you are looking to repair the damage caused by the pandemic now is the time ring us on 0808-172-1900 so that we can help you get back to profitability