When people ring to discuss possibly doing a telemarketing campaign the most common question is what results will I get?

So here is a report giving the results of an average telemarketing campaign.

Our campaigns use accredited TPS checked databases and are run using excel spreadsheets for speed and accuracy.


Contacts on Database 500
Level of Interest Category Code Numbers %age
Appointments/Turned Client Leads APP/C 5 1
Quotes Leads Q 15 3
On File/Interest up to 6 mths Pipeline OF/I 35 7
Send Information/Follow Hopper SIF 10 2
Send Information/Follow/Follow Hopper SIF/F 0
On File/Follow Pipeline OF/F 10 2
Resend/Follow Hopper R 5 1
Send Information SI 0 0
Unable to Talk to F 150 30
Not Interested NI 225 45
Wrong Data WD 45 9
TOTAL     500 100


We can process 15 records each hour, so this campaign would last 50 hours taking into account calling people back who were unavailable when we first rang.

The “at a glance” results show

  • 4% either having an appointment or asking for a quote
  • 7% are interested and in the “pipeline” for a future call and appointment
  • 2% wanted information and a follow-up call
  • 87% are either not sure, not available, not interested or the data is in error

This campaign would cost of £1,750.(excluding the reports at £35 per report)

So, if the product/service is worth £1,500 then the campaign has been a great success with a return on investment of at least 5 times plus whatever is in the pipeline.

If the product/service is worth £300 then the costs have been covered and the client portfolio has been increased.

However, one final point is particularly important. You must always take into account the value of each new client over the next few years. For example, if each new client signs a 3-year contract then the ROI is increased significantly.

We are always happy to talk over the pros and cons of a campaign with anyone before a decision is made, so if you are considering telemarketing, just call us on 0808-172-1900 for a no obligation chat.