When trying to get an appointment we used to recite a sequence and the further you got to the beginning of it the more successful you were.

The complete sequence is:

  • a contract is better than a proposal
  • a proposal is better than a meeting
  • a meeting is better than a phone-call
  • a phone-call is better than digital
  • digital is better than nothing

So, this leads us neatly to how should we go about rebuilding our client portfolios?

BHT have been conducting telemarketing campaigns for 23 years and we know that combinations of marketing technique yield the best resuts.

Before digital we used to follow mailshots and would double the performance of the mailshot.

So now, we always recommend a combination of emailing, social media messages and blogging followed by telemarketing .

If you send out social media messages every working day and a blog twice a week, telemarketing can draw attention to the blogs and find any interest. This way you judge the reaction and speed up the sales process.

If you are not conducting digital marketing but have a database of companies in your market sector, we would recommend ringing through it, finding the right contact and seeing where there is interest and what sort of time scale they envisage before going ahead.

If you don’t have a database, we can help you to specify and procure one. For your knowledge 2,000 records should cost in the region of £350. Never pay more. If you would like to talk about this just call and we will help. Our number is 0808-172-1900.

It is vitally important that the data is properly targeted to the right commercial sector and geographic area. We have been purchasing databases for our clients since 1997 and we can make sure you get this part of the exercise right.

We build campaigns to suit budgets which, after the Covid-19 pandemic are very, very tight. BHT start at only 10 per month for a period of 3 calendar months.

If anything here is of interest just call BHT on 0808-172-1900 we will answer your questions.