If you are not a professional telemarketer, the prospect of having to spend time ringing people you do not know can seem a bit daunting.

BHT has been conducting telemarketing campaigns since 1997 so we thought it would be helpful to pass on some of our knowledge based on that experience.

Step One

Make sure you’ve got a properly targeted database. By that we mean a database of companies that would look to use your products/services and in the right geographical area.

When specifying a database make sure you specify the companies by Standard Industry Classification (SIC code) and only buy the company name, address and telephone number. Don’t be tempted to but a data list with specified contact names as these are usually so inaccurate as to be not worth the extra cost asked for them.

A database as specified above should cost in the region of £350 for 2,000 records – don’t pay more.

Step Two

Now you’ve got your database ordered you need to write out a single page, if that, outline script.

Don’t forget you have to get past reception so make your intro simple, like:

  • Hello my name is ……… and I’m calling from ………… Could I speak to whoever is in charge of ………….

This will usually give you a response of:

  • “the person you need to talk to is ……………” and you can ask to be put through. Then you can repeat the intro above and ask if they are looking to purchase within the next 6 months. When you’ve finished the conversation try to get an email address to be able to send your follow-up email.
  • “the person you need is out” – so you then ask for the email address and send your introduction email.

Step Three

Write your introduction email which is only a bit more detailed than your outline script. Do not try to sell, just try to get their attention so that when you ring next week they will know why.

Step Four

Write your follow-up email, which is based on your telephone conversation. Now you can add a bit more detail and the features and benefits of what you have to sell.

Step Five

When you get the database, make a copy for safety, and then on the original add columns for:

  • Date called,
  • Date to call back
  • A note column so that you have refresher notes before you call back. After you’ve phoned a two weeks’ worth you’ll be glad of the notes!

Step Six

Plan when you will conduct the telemarketing. If you are new to this, we would recommend running a 5 hour per week campaign and plan to do one hour every day at 10 o’clock. This way you won’t overstretch yourself and it will not seem like a huge mountain to climb each week.

You should be able to call 15 companies in an hour and as the campaign progresses the conversations may get longer but be strict with yourself and stick to your 1 hour timing so that you don’t overdo it.

You’ll soon discover that you get to know people and look forward to following them up next week

So every time you begin your telemarketing hour check your database to see who you have to call today before you start breaking fresh ground. This way you’ll settle more easily into the telemarketing again and one day you will start your telemarketing stint with a success, which will set you up very nicely!

We do hope that this has been helpful to you. If, however, you do have any queries please don’t hesitate to call us on 0808-172-1900.