The business world has stood still since early March, clients have fallen away, income has dried up and debts have mounted.

There is now a critical need to rebuild your client portfolio and replace lost revenue.

Out recommendation would be a 3-fold approach:

  • Send out social media posts every day/week
  • Post blogs on LinkedIn every week
  • Supplement your digital marketing with targeted telemarketing.

BHT is a telemarketing agency of some 23 years standing. We have experience of most markets and would like to offer some advice if you would like to use telemarketing as a marketing tool.

First, you need to identify your target market. If there is a sector that you are very familiar with then that’s the market to go for. If you have/had clients across a broad spectrum pick the sector which you feel is strongest – in simple terms follow the cash.

We can assist you with procuring a database at about £350 for 2,000 records and we will gladly advise you about this.

Once you’ve got your database you need to start ringing through it, but before you do our advice is to write a single sheet of the key points you want to make. For example;

“Good morning/afternoon my name is Charles and I’m ringing from XYZ Company. We make xyz and I would like to talk to the person responsible for the purchasing of that, please.

Hello Jason, my name is Charles from XYZ Company. I’m just ringing to see if your supplier of xyz is still able to supply you or if we could possible quote for your business.”

You already know all of this but it is your aide memoir. It helps calm the nerves.

Always make sure you have your company name and address to hand along with the telephone number and a pen and pad to take details.

On average you should expect to find between 10 and 15 companies showing an interest out of every 100 companies you call. If that doesn’t happen you are probably using an untargeted database.

So all you need now is time. If this is a problem then please just call us on 0808-172-1900 and we can offer our assistance within your budget and time scales.