With everything that is going on the last thing that you need is financial insecurity going into the future.

You will need to know where you’re going financially and when you can take the progressive steps you want to take, knowing what the financial implications will be.
The BHT Cash Management Service can help you with all of this and give you the peace of mind which is sadly missing today.

As soon as we all start working again and sales forecasts can be made with the old levels of certainty that will be the time you need to add this valuable tool to your business.

BHT developed this system decades ago so that they could talk with authority about the development of the business and be able to make short, medium and long-term plans.

In the current situation, it has been an invaluable aid to survival because they know how the money will drain out of the company and can estimate when it will start to return. This has allowed a plan to develop to see the business through the Covid-19 crisis and into the future return to prosperity.

Each Monday morning BHT carries out a Bank Reconciliation of the business account and then updates the Cash Management through to March 2023 by week!

This may seem excessive to you and you may say that monthly figures are enough. However, BHT discovered that monthly figures will give you the end position in any one month and therefore may disguise a financial crisis in the middle of the month.

The BHT system was developed even before Excel was invented and so it has multiple layers of experience and innovation. This knowledge safeguards any company from nasty shocks, like not having saved enough for the VAT or Corporation Tax payments when they fall due.

The service provided by BHT takes away the need for the client to spend time developing this system and updating it on a regular basis.

In just 3 hours per month BHT updates each company’s forecast by conducting a bank reconciliation and then adding new sales and expenditure forecasts to the cash management forecast.

The result is confidence about your company finances, when you are making profit, if you’re not how to, and how your business will progress given certain forecast assumptions.

Should you wish to have several forecast models produced each month this is an additional service which is available. It means that you can have a bottom, middle and upper forecast upon which to base your future decisions.

BHT are currently offering an introductory service of one bank reconciliation per month with the corresponding cash management forecast for only £40/month to the first 3 companies who sign up for a minimum of a year’s contract. This will help BHT adapt their services to each company and so learn from that experience.

There will be no set-up fees normally £90.

After the first 3 clients have signed up:

  • The set-up fee will be £90
  • The minimum monthly fee will be £90.
  • The extra services available are:
  • Weekly bank reconciliations
  • Weekly cashflow forecast updates
  • Multiple scenario modelling and planning
  • Credit control

If you would like to know more, please click this link and fill in the form.