Marketing Campaigns

Giving you the choice of marketing mix

What is the BHT Marketing Campaign Concept?

We want you to be able to pick and mix form our services which ones suit you best over a period that you choose.

For example, you could run a 12-month campaign which breaks down into:

  • One month of Telemarketing at 2.5 hours per week
  • One month of Dig-e-Tel at 2.5 hours per week
  • One month of one Social Media Message per working day plus a blog in the middle of the month.

The next quarter you might drop the Telemarketing and concentrate on Dig-e-Tel plus Social Media Messages and Blogs.

Flexible service choices within a choice of campaign durations

Not only can you choose a mix of services you can also choose the lengths of your campaigns.

And the good news about that is that the longer the campaign the lower the hourly rate.

Result – you can get more for your money!

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