BHT’s Call Handling Services

All companies need to take calls, through each working day.

In-coming calls are just as important as outgoing calls in that some of them may well be clients wanting to increase their spend or a prospect wanting to know more about what you do, or simply a company wanting to place an order.

However, a small company might not always have someone in the office to take calls.

The answer is to use a call handling service

A call handling service will take calls for you during office hours

Call Handling

So how does it work?

The call handling service will allocate a telephone number for your company’s inbound calls so that when you switch over to the service they can take the calls.

How do they know who the call is for?

There is a system called “Whisper”. The service programs a recording on to it to say your company name. Then, as each call comes in the recorded voice will whisper into the operative’s ear the name of your company. Then all the operative has to say is “Good morning/afternoon, “your company name”, how can I help you?”

Call Handling
Call Handling

During Office hours?

If someone is asked for specifically the operative explains that they are unavailable and offers to take a message and says that they will be called back as soon as possible.

The operative then sends an email of the call and its content to the company and also enters it on to the internal log for record purposes.

Is it expensive?

In all cases you pay for the telephone line that these calls are transferred to currently £13.50 per month.

Then – you only pay for the calls taken. The base call charge is £2.01 for up to 3 minutes including admin.

Extra minutes are charged at 67p per minute

Call Handling

In Conclusion

If you want to grow your business and make sure that you never miss a call, you need a professional call handling service

BHT provides just the professional call-handling service you need.

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