BHT Marketing Ltd of Northampton has been providing Extraction Canopies with Virtual Office Services since the early summer of 2011 to support our website.

Extraction Canopies manufacture, install and maintain commercial kitchen extraction units.

BHT provides a 24 hour Virtual Office Service, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.

During office hours each call is handled by their high-class team of B2B telemarketers, all of whom are hand-picked and speak properly. Out of office hours they have a system which converts each call to an e-mail message which is then sent through to us automatically. They even recorded a bespoke answering message which we could check before it went live.

Consequently, we are confident that all enquiries from our website are processed professionally and during out-of-hours periods any European enquiries are not lost.

I would strongly recommend the BHT Marketing Ltd Virtual Office service where your calls will be handled professionally at a reasonable monthly fee.