CK Direct Ltd is a manufacturing, installation and maintenance company in the Commercial Kitchen Extraction and Ventilation market.At the end of 2010 we were looking for integrated and effective marketing services which would help us to extend our market penetration. Luckily, we found BHT Marketing Ltd who can provide a large range of integrated marketing.The key dynamic marketing element is B2B telemarketing, because we wanted to access market reaction and develop a network of working relationships. Nothing works better or faster than B2B telemarketing to achieve this.We were looking for a B2B telemarketing agency whose B2B telemarketers are intelligent and well spoken so that they would understand what we do, why the market would want to use us, be able to hold business conversations without the use of a script and develop a rapport with each prospect.The BHT B2B telemarketing service has all of these features and more. It is as good as they said it would be. They have steadily created a network of companies for us to work with and as a result we are becoming more and more busy – we moved into larger premises in the spring of this year.I am very pleased with the decision we made to use BHT Marketing Ltd and will happily recommend them to anyone who needs B2B telemarketing they can trust.