BHT Marketing Ltd have been helping Bromley Eye Centre over the last 9 months to develop a more personal outreach programme to our patient list.

From the outset we were aware that our database was inaccurate as the response rate from our letters was very poor.

BHT understood our situation and were happy to help and suggested ringing through the list each month to achieve two things for us:

·       Book eye-tests, where relevant and possible.

·       Clean the data to save us money in the future either for letters or Telephone Reminders

I have to say that BHT have been successful in this and have always been quick to respond to any refinements I may have asked for. Interestingly, because they are booking eye tests at the same time the exercise is more than paying for itself.

If anyone is looking for more eye-tests to be booked and/or to have their data cleaned in the process I would recommend BHT Marketing Ltd without hesitation.