Call Handling

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Companies need to take calls, each working day and maybe 24/7

However, a small company might not always have the ability to take calls all day, every day.

Call Handling

The answer is…

BHT call handling will take calls for you whenever you want.

We have operators during office hours and special automated service out of hours.

You can be assured that calls are being handled while you concentrate on what you do best.

Then you can return calls before 10.00 and after 16.00.

So how does it work?

We will allocate a telephone number for your inbound calls.

So when you switch over to us the calls come in on that line.

How do we know who the call is for?

We use a system called “Whisper”.

We record your company name on to “Whisper” so that as each call comes it whispers into the operative’s ear the name of your company.

Then the operative can greet the caller with “Good morning/afternoon, “Your company name,” how can I help you?”

Call Handling
Call Handling

During Office hours?

When a call comes in, we explain that the person asked for is unavailable but that we can take a message and they will call back later this afternoon.

We then take the callers details and the message and email it through to the person asked for.

The operative then enters all details on to the internal log for record purposes.

What about out of office hours?

The call handling system is programmed by us with a recorded message like this –

“Hello this is XYZ Company. There is no-one to take your call at present, so please leave your name, number and a brief message after the tone and we will get back to you in the morning of the next working day.”

The caller’s message is recorded by the system and either emailed directly to you or to the call-handling service depending on instructions from you.

Is it expensive?

In all cases you pay for the telephone line that these calls are transferred to and then you have a choice of services:

Standby – you only pay for the calls taken. The call charge is based on the duration of the call – usually 3 minutes for £2.01.

Fixed rate – you agree how many calls you normally get each month and agree a monthly fee.

Out of office hours – there is a fixed fee of £20/month.

In every case there is a set-up fee of  £90 to cover recording fees and system set-up.

However, the Out of office hours service does attract an additional set-up fee of £35.


Call Handling

Call Handling Examples

The Car Repair Chain

The motor repair industry relies heavily on repeat business.

However, they have a problem – garage mechanics are not known for their telephone answering skills.

So, we suggested that we could take the calls for each garage in the chain and put the bookings on to their system.

Without the call handling service, they would have lost approximately £95,000 worth of business each month!

The Commercial Kitchen Extraction Company

This company designs, manufactures and installs extraction systems primarily for the catering trade.

They have a need to process incoming calls quickly and efficiently without disturbing the designers and technical team.

Therefore, BHT takes the calls and emails the messages through to the appropriate person.

After that, the company has been able to concentrate and  is continuing to grow and expand its services.

In conclusion

If you want to concentrate on your business without interruptions, then you need one of the BHT call handling services.

There are services to suit your needs and budget and we can offer our other marketing services if and when they are required.

You can rest easy knowing that your company’s reputation is safeguarded by the BHT professional operatives.

So, all in all, you can get on with what you do best and leave the rest to us.

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