Telephone Marketing Services

Telephone Marketing

BHT Marketing Ltd was founded in 1997 to combat poor service in the telephone marketing world.

We have built our telephone marketing services on strong foundations to ensure quality and professional support.

These foundations are:

A realistic assessment of success the of any campaign at the beginning
We have amassed statistics across many markets over the last 20 years. We speak from experience and never over estimate the success of a campaign. This allows the prospective client to make a proper judgement as to whether telemarketing is the right technique for them.

Quality Operatives
The people talking on the phone are the client’s remote voice and so it is very important that they speak properly, have the right attitude and understand what they are talking about. Each operative is hand-picked, personally trained on each client job and constantly monitored.

Every call we make is logged and categorised. This allows us to see how a campaign is progressing not only in terms of appointments made but also how many companies are going into the pipeline and what other interest there is.

This also allows us to:

  1. Check that the right number of calls are being made
  2. Compare the campaign with other campaigns in similar markets
  3. Calculate a benchmark for that campaign

After 800 records have been processed properly (up to one call-back) we and you the client, are able to trust the strength of the data. From that point on we can:

  1. Assess whether the weight of the campaign is sufficient for your needs
  2. Predict what level of interest in total will be achieved
  3. Provide a copper-bottomed guarantee of consistency

A Unique, Copper-Bottomed Guarantee
In the past the only guarantees offered by the telephone marketing companies were based hearsay and hope.

BHT Marketing provides a guarantee based on the statistics compiled from your campaign in your market.

BHT Marketing guarantess to achieve the same or greater level of interest every single week after the benchmarking has taken place. If, for any reason, they fail to achieve that benchmark they will work at their own expense until they do.

Telephone Reminder’s

If you rely heavily on your clientele repeat purchasing you probably send reminder letters and texts. Now there is a better way!

BHT Marketing Telephone Reminders, running since 2008, has achieved fantastic results

The concept is a simple one. By actually talking to your clients on the telephone we develop a closer relationship with them than a letter or text can possibly do and we can book their repeat appointment there and then on the ‘phone. This saves your client the effort of having to remember and then book. The client wins and so do you.

For example, booking MOT’s yields a return on investment of much more than 4 times  the cost and for opticians our statistics show that response rates for repeat eye tests rise by over 25%.

If only 50% buy new glasses this means a significant increase in turnover and profit.

This service could benefit these businesses:

The Motor  Trade Opticians Vets
Hotels Conference Centres Limousine Hire
Clubs and Societies Tree Surgeons Event Organisers
Electricians (PAT Testing) Gas Safe Engineers Fire Safety


Telephone Customer Satisfaction Surveys

BHT  conduct Impartial Telephone Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

By asking no more than 6 questions we can find out quickly if there are any problems. The questions will be along these lines, tailored to suit each individual business

  1. Were you greeted in a warm and friendly manner?
  2. Was your appointment on time?
  3. Were you satisfied with the outcome?
  4. Do you think we could improve our service to you, and if so, how?
  5. Would you recommend us to a friend or colleague?
  6. Are you happy for us to call again?

If customers have any issues, a pattern will emerge using this method.

Now you will be able to improve your service (if it needs it) and then tell all your clients about the improvements – win, win.


e-mail marketing with Telephone follow-up calls

Talking to someone is always better than just sending an e-mail.

So if someone shows an interest in your email by clicking through to the website a courtesy call on the telephone can bring that opportunity to life.

We have the ability to:

  • Write the article for your website upon which the email will be based
  • Design the email
  • Write the content
  • Despatch
  • Check to see who has “clicked”
  • Call the “clicks” to ascertain the level of interest and when might be the best time to call again

So if you’d like to try email marketing with telephone follow up just give us a call on 0808-172-1900