The Current Situation

During the height of the pandemic, we were all faced with diminished income streams and shrinking bank balances, if not growing overdrafts.

So you made the decision to develop something new.

You wanted to be in a position to launch this new product/service as and when the Covid crisis had abated.

You concluded your development and have conducted some limited testing.

Now you need to test market it, but how and which technique is best suited?


Dig-e-Tel is perfect for Test Marketing

The quickest way to do this is by using Dig-e-Tel.

Dig-e-Tel was developed during the pandemic by BHT Marketing Ltd

We tested it through the autumn of 2020 and won our first client with it in that December.

We used Dig-e-Tel for that client and won them their first lead and subsequent client in January 2021.

In August/September another client joined us using Dig-e-Tel and they have gained well over half a dozen hot prospects since.

And we will be using it as a test marketing tool for a brand new client this March


So why is Dig-e Tel so good as a test marketing tool?

First stage

You need to know that there is interest in what you have to offer.

After defining the market sector and a small geographic area as a test market, Dig-e-Tel sends out feelers to gauge the level of interest.

Companies identify themselves as interested in your service/product within days.


Second stage

Having identified the interested parties, you can ask them to trial the service/product, free of charge, for a limited time period, in exchange for their feedback.

You can repeat this exercise until you are satisfied that you have all the information and feedback you need.


Third Stage

You start marketing the service/product to a wider geographic area and steadily increase the market sectors.


So how much does this test marketing cost?

A 10-hour test, reaching up to 150 companies, would cost £350 plus £35 for the report

You can take it in small steps of 10 hours at a time.

However, before you launch completely you will need the statistics to be strong enough to rely on.

So we would recommend that we reach out to at least 750 companies in total.

Only when you are confident that the technique works would we recommend taking it further and running a monthly campaign of 10-20 hours per month.


What should you do now?

Ring us on 0808-172-1900 so that we can explain it all in more depth.