Should I use Telemarketing or Dig-e-Tel ©?

All marketing techniques have their strengths and their weaknesses.

Listing the pros and cons of telemarketing and Dig-e-Tel © will help you decide which is the best marketing vehicle for your campaign.


Telemarketing Pros

  • The personal touch is important when having any conversation as it forms a bond.
  • Relationships can be developed over time
  • The possibility of a piece of business and it’s timing can be discovered.
  • Following receipt of e-mail addresses more information can be sent and followed up in person.
  • On average 5-15% of companies show an interest.
  • All meetings are qualified with detail of when the business might start
  • Telemarketing is a great tool to use with existing/lapsed/known contacts because it’s personal.
  • Complies with TPS and GDPR
  • Costs can start from as little as £385 per month including an e-mailed monthly progress report
  • It is a scalable process so you can increase when you want more results.


Telemarketing Cons

  • Databases are based on Standard Industry Classifications and some companies may be classified incorrectly.
  • There are no “right” contacts listed so time is needed to find them.
  • The call can be intercepted by the “gatekeeper.”
  • 50% aren’t available the first time we ring so we must call again the following week.
  • Contacts are often not happy to be interrupted in their working day.
  • Many potentials need several calls before a business opportunity appears on the horizon.
  • Telemarketing is time consuming, which equates to client money consuming.


Dig-e-Tel © Pros

  • Reaches contacts where-ever they are even outside of office hours.
  • Initial approach is a “no offence” enquiry.
  • Between 14 and 25% of potential contacts link-up after the first approach.
  • All contact complies with GDPR.
  • The client’s market reach is rapidly expanded.
  • E-mails can follow on from messages with permission so comply with the law
  • Telephone conversations follow the emails and lead to qualified meetings
  • Conversion to client is high because the preliminary selling/matching process has already been done


Dig-e-Tel © Cons

  • It takes time to gather momentum so no quick sales can be expected
  • There are more opportunities to be achieved regularly after the initial build up
  • You need to spend more to achieve a higher level of conversion opportunities
  • A typical spend would be £800 per month plus £40 for the progress report (Fees include the cost of LinkedIn)
  • The client needs to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium – £58 per month plus VAT
  • No “personal” contact/conversation until later in the process



BHT developed the technique and trialled it over a 3 month period.

We increased our marketing footprint by 242 companies

AND we have won a large contract directly as a result of employing Dig-e-Tel ©.

To say we are happy, is an understatement” Colin Bonham-Horton


What to do next

Give us a call on 0808-172-1900 and we can talk you through telemarketing and Dig-e-Tel ©.