B2B Telemarketing White Paper

Telemarketing – Concerns, Remedies and New Uses – White Paper

Telemarketing is described in this White Paper by BHT Marketing. The White Paper will outline the strengths of  Telemarketing as an effective low-cost marketing tool. It details the weaknesses and the reasons and causes for them. It will detail the action that can remedy these weaknesses. Finally it describes the integration of Telemarketing into today’s online and digital campaigns.

The term; Telemarketing, was first used extensively in the late 1970s as soon as the telephone became widely accepted as a part of daily working life.  This facilitated a fast route into companies and saved time and money in long-distance travel costs.

Companies establish their own “In-House” Telemarketing teams or they can outsource to an agency. Outsourcing will give them the further advantage of being able to turn the facility on and off at will.

The 4 Parts

  • Part 1: In “7  Telemarketing Strengths” we will list the different traditional uses.
  • Part 2: In “8  Telemarketing Weaknesses and the reasons for them” we will itemize the criticisms which are most commonly voiced with the reasons for them.
  • Part 3: In “The 10  Telemarketing Remedies” we will describe the ways in which the weaknesses can be eradicated, the damage to the Telemarketing reputation reversed and how strong viable Telemarketing campaigns can help forecast future profitability.
  • Part 4: In “ Telemarketing – 3 new uses” we will describe how the skills of Telemarketing are being adapted and integrated into the new online and digital marketing techniques. Whether you are a large  Telemarketing agency or a micro agency, BHT Marketing Ltd would like to help you develop your approach and succeed in telemarketing from today and into the future.
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