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BHT Marketing Ltd have been helping Bromley Eye Centre over the last 9 months to develop a more personal outreach programme to our patient list. From the outset we were aware that our database was inaccurate as the response rate from our letters was very poor.

BHT understood our situation and were happy to help and suggested ringing through the list each month to achieve two things for us:
· Book eye-tests, where relevant and possible.
· Clean the data to save us money in the future either for letters or Telephone Reminders

I have to say that BHT have been successful in this and have always been quick to respond to any refinements I may have asked for. Interestingly, because they are booking eye tests at the same time the exercise is more than paying for itself. If anyone is looking for more eye-tests to be booked and/or to have their data cleaned in the process I would recommend BHT Marketing Ltd without hesitation.

Vinesh Patel - The Bromley Eye Centre

I would like to recommend BHT marketing where I have found using their call handling service extremely professional and worthwhile. The animated video featured on our website has created a lot of interest that has resulted in several enquiries about the Business Club Northants. Thanks Colin for your continued support.

Mike Willis - The Business Club Northants

Thank you for all your support during the busiest months of the year! Your team are always highly professional and we often receive positive comments about their helpfulness and ‘above and beyond’ approach! As you are aware Time For You Northamptonshire is the biggest franchise in the country, we manage over 600 cleans per week, subsequently it’s hugely important to have a seamless operation. With your continued support we are able to do this. Your team use their initiative and common sense when dealing with our clients and cleaners, lightening the burden, so we can prioritise our work load and client appointments.
We often have updates to our systems which require flexibility at your end. All changes made are conveyed to your staff and their speed for adapting is amazing!
We have been so impressed with the service you provide we decided to extend it to and add on service whereby you now provide a dedicated customer satisfaction service to all our clients. This service has proved to be highly successful with our clients.
I look forward to our continued arrangement please pass on my comments to all your team.

Ann Brebner Director - Time For You Northants

I had a very important (and I mean very important) call which was handled by the BHT Call-Handling Service today, whilst I was out. The (now) client) was most impressed with my ‘receptionist’ and took the time to explain to me how well the call had been handled. That one call has resulted in large contract with a massive work-load potential.
The Great British public are always keen to moan – but my caller took the time to explain how impressed she was and so I thought it would be worth sharing this with you.

Thanks for your great work.

Chris Smith Managing Director - GBS Health and Safety Services Ltd

Supply Air Ltd have been using the Virtual Office services of BHT Marketing for over 2 years and I have been highly impressed by their professionalism and helpfulness, especially at times when awkward situations arise that necessitate our premises being temporarily unoccupied.
It is very comforting to know we can put our absolute trust in the BHT Virtual Office service to field any business enquiries whilst we are otherwise engaged and know they will respond in a polite and pleasant manner that will always convey a good impression of our business.
I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending BHT Virtual Office to any developing business that requires addition support at very reasonable rates.

Supply Air Ltd

Shortly after the launch of In “n” Out in Northampton we were lucky enough to meet and then employ the B2B Telemarketing services of BHT Marketing in March 2008 to promote our MOT , valet and car/van service options. BHT have consistently striven to improve performance whilst we have measured them against ROI. I have to say that they have always delivered a superb level of support which has just got stronger over time. The team at BHT has taken ownership of the project and genuinely care about it and strive to provide In “n” Out with more customers each month. Having started by supplying us with 20-25 customers per month they are now consistently booking well over 70 per month. This is a performance of which they can be justly proud. I would have no hesitation in recommending BHT B2B Telemarketing to anyone.

In 'n' Out Centres

I am very pleased to be able to tell anyone how happy RSP Safety Services are with the B2B Telemarketing and Call Handling services that BHT marketing provide. The team at BHT have demonstrated a professionalism and an understanding of our market and the RSP services. This has helped to maintain and promote the standing of RSP as a premier H&S company providing the best possible consultancy and training. Very quickly, BHT became “one of the family” fitting in with their cheerful, knowledgeable and professional approach. We feel very comfortable leaving our company’s reputation in their hands. The BHT Call Handling Service has also enhanced our business by allowing us to give speedy responses to all of our clients and prospective customers queries when we are busy or traveling or training. We have no hesitation in recommending wholeheartedly the BHT B2B Telemarketing and Call Handling services.

RSP Safety Services

BHT Marketing Ltd of Northampton has been providing Extraction Canopies with Virtual Office Services since the early summer of 2011 to support our website. Extraction Canopies manufacture, install and maintain commercial kitchen extraction units. BHT provides a 24 hour Virtual Office Service, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. During office hours each call is handled by their high-class team of B2B telemarketers, all of whom are hand-picked and speak properly. Out of office hours they have a system which converts each call to an e-mail message which is then sent through to us automatically. They even recorded a bespoke answering message which we could check before it went live. Consequently, we are confident that all enquiries from our website are processed professionally and during out-of-hours periods any European enquiries are not lost. I would strongly recommend the BHT Marketing Ltd Virtual Office service where your calls will be handled professionally at a reasonable monthly fee.

Extraction Canopies

BHT Marketing Ltd of Northampton has been providing CK Direct Ltd with Virtual Office Services since the spring of 2011. CK Direct Ltd is a manufacturing, installation and maintenance company in the Commercial Kitchen Extraction and Ventilation market.

The Virtual Office Service that BHT provides is second to none – we get 24/7 coverage. The calls are handled during office hours by their professional team of B2B telemarketers, all of whom are hand-picked. Out of office hours the system converts each call to an e-mail message and sends it through to us automatically. Even the recorded message they made for us is superb. Consequently, all queries and enquiries are processed and nothing is lost.

For a company wanting to have professional call handling I would strongly recommend BHT Marketing Ltd.

CK Direct Ltd talking about our Call-Handling service

BHT Marketing Ltd of Northampton has been providing CK Direct Ltd with B2B telemarketing since the beginning of 2011 and will continue to do so into the future. CK Direct Ltd is a manufacturing, installation and maintenance company in the Commercial Kitchen Extraction and Ventilation market. At the end of 2010 we were looking for integrated and effective marketing services which would help us to extend our market penetration. Luckily, we found BHT Marketing Ltd who can provide a large range of integrated marketing. The key dynamic marketing element is B2B telemarketing, because we wanted to access market reaction and develop a network of working relationships. Nothing works better or faster than B2B telemarketing to achieve this. We were looking for a B2B telemarketing agency whose B2B telemarketers are intelligent and well spoken so that they would understand what we do, why the market would want to use us, be able to hold business conversations without the use of a script and develop a rapport with each prospect. The BHT B2B telemarketing service has all of these features and more. It is as good as they said it would be. They have steadily created a network of companies for us to work with and as a result we are becoming more and more busy – we moved into larger premises in the spring of this year. I am very pleased with the decision we made to use BHT Marketing Ltd and will happily recommend them to anyone who needs B2B telemarketing they can trust.

CK Direct Ltd talking about our Business to Business Telemarketing service

We have been using the call answering services of Colin and the team at BHT Marketing for around 2.5 years. Their service is very good value, excellent quality and allows us to provide a person at the end of the phone, even if we're not available. We've had many comments from clients and other contacts on how professional the call answering team are and we always receive our messages within a few minutes of the call. With their flexible call answering packages, I highly recommend you speak to Colin about how the BHT Marketing team can help you, especially if you have periods of time where there is nobody to answer your calls; it could make the difference between you getting the business or a prospect going elsewhere.

Julia McGinn: Stone Moor Business Services