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Total Sales Support

12 July 2017, Comments 0

When you’re building a sales campaign there maybe one or two vital elements that you need which are missing from your skill base. This […]

Growing your Future Prospects

20 June 2017, Comments Comments Off on Growing your Future Prospects

Would you like new prospects every month? AND – would you like those prospects to know all about you? AND – would you like […]

Recalls up 25% – Fees down 25%

3 May 2017, Comments Comments Off on Recalls up 25% – Fees down 25%

An extra 9-10 bookings for every 100 recalls Since 2014 BHT have been improving recall response rates for opticians. Our first optician had a […]

Control the Cash, Manage the Business

22 March 2017, Comments Comments Off on Control the Cash, Manage the Business

This will stop you creating failure out of potential success by:  Knowing your cash-balance for the next few months. Knowing if you are making […]

A Helping Hand

24 February 2017, Comments Comments Off on A Helping Hand

From time to time we could all use a helping hand and an impartial eye. It’s very easy to get completely bogged down in […]

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