Email Marketing

 E-mail Marketing plus telemarketing follow-up improves performance

Once you have your “opt-in” email list you can send emails for only the cost of writing and despatching them.

Each dispatch of 10,0000 e-mails will cost only a few pounds, that’s a lot of companies to cover for such a low cost.

The average “open” rate for E-mail Marketing varies according to who you talk to but let’s assume an average of 10% just to make the maths easier.

So, from your 10,000 e-mail campaign  1,000 people would open it.

Out of that 1,000 maybe 500 would click on a link to your website.

B2B Telemarketing following-up the 500

Using an experienced, professional, B2B Telemarketing company to ring through the “clicks” will yield opportunities.

If only 10% show real interest you’ve got 50 potentials right there.

If only 10% of them book an appointment you’ve got 5 sales opportunities.


E-mail marketing is certainly a low cost, high volume method of getting your message “out there”. But by using the combination of e-mail marketing to identify warmer prospects and B2B Telemarketing to refine that knowledge you will identify those companies who are “in the market” now and in the near future and so improve your chances of growth.

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