Office Hours (9-5)

Cover during the working day.

Each client has their own dedicated line and each is programmed with its own “whisper” message so we know which company is being called and can answer appropriately.

This service is ideal for:

  • The smaller company when the office may be empty when you visit clients and prospects.
  • Companies who don’t wish to be disturbed between 10 and 4 and who will return calls before 10 and after 4.
  • Companies who want enquiries from their website or adverts to be handled by a third party and passed on to the appropriate person.


24/7 x 365

(With recorded messaging service)

This service comes into play during office hours but the extends to cover night time and weekends.

Each client will have a message recorded for them for the out of hours period.

During out of hours periods the system records each message and automatically emails the recording to the client.  This way you can hear the intonation of the caller and get a better understanding of the urgency of the call.

This is particularly useful for taking enquiries from websites or adverts because it will cover all out of hours periods.


Standby Call Handling

For those who only need call handling occasionally.

Each client still has their own dedicated line to which they can switch their calls whenever they need to.

You only pay for the line rental and each call we take.