A call-handling facility while you’re away would be ideal. No-one likes leaving their business with just an answer phone or voicemail. Consequently, a lot of people take their mobiles on holiday. They do not enjoy a totally relaxing holiday because they keep getting business phone calls

BHT short-term call-handling service is the solution.

It’s so simple to use! You simply divert your calls through to a specific number. Then while you’re away, all calls will be handled in a professional and courteous way. Important matters can be flagged through to you. Normal matters will be listed and noted awaiting your return. If you need bookings taken that can be done too.

There’s no set-up fee. It costs £5 per week plus calls. Calls cost £2.02 for 3 minutes. Extra minutes or part minutes cost 67p. This is a total no-brainer. We can even cover you through the night and across weekends. So now you can look forward to totally enjoyable holiday and let you’re your mind and body relax.

For more information about our  short-term call-handling just ring our free-phone – 0808-172-1900.

BHT – always happy to help.