So, you can’t send emails out en-masse any more but you have a great sales opportunity!

If you thought that GDPR had killed marketing – it hasn’t.

You now have great sales opportunities when you can use the power of speech, with all its inflections and tones, to talk to people on the telephone and explain what you are about, in far more depth than you ever could using just an email.

Having had an initial exploratory telephone conversation you can, with permission, send follow-up information by email with attachments.

Now you have another sales opportunity. Once you’ve sent the first follow-up email you can make a courtesy call to check that the email was received and take the opportunity to talk in a little more detail about your service.

This naturally lends itself to the possibility of a meeting when you can answer questions and really target into the prospects issues.

So, in a few weeks you will have developed a personal working relationship with your new prospect. You’ve met and exchanged ideas and are now focusing on the marketing plan rather than whether they should use you.


With email marketing you had to wait this long just for the prospects to respond, and then they were only the ones with an immediate interest.

The net result was that you never built a dynamic rapport with the market place meaning that you didn’t identify medium to long-term prospects. Consequently, you didn’t build a prospect pipeline.


Telemarketing is more thorough. Admittedly, it is slower and more expensive than mass emailing but, if the database is sufficiently targeted at the right type of companies, in the right geographic area, it shouldn’t take long to identify some good prospects.

For example to call 100 companies should take only 10 hours if you include call-backs.

For each of those 100 companies you should achieve an interest rate of between 10 and 15%.

Consequently it’s only taken you 10 hours to identify up to 15 companies that are interested in what you have to say. That’s not bad is it?

Within the “Interested” category you will have identified immediate interest, those with interest within the next 6 months and those with interest over a longer time frame.


If you haven’t the time, or the inclination to pick up the phone why not let us do it for you. At only £290 for each 10 hours you wouldn’t need much of a response to cover your costs.

In addition, with our extensive experience we can help you plan, set up and implement your campaign throughout each 12 month period.


If you’d like to talk over a potential campaign just ring our Free-phone number – 0808-172-1900. BHT always happy to help.