You’re sure that you give good service and that your prices are competitive.

But do your clients agree with you?

If they don’t then, gradually at first but speeding up as time goes by, your repeat business will fall away.

When you realise you have a problem it will already be too late and it will take a longer time to recover to the financial position where you are now.

So why not ask your clients what they think using a Telephone Satisfaction Survey and the sooner the better so that very little time is

lost before you undertake any remedial work.

It is important to note that work of this kind is most effectively undertaken by an impartial third party who can guarantee anonymity to the surveyed so that they feel comfortable speaking honestly.

By asking no more than half a dozen questions in a , and you will be able to address those.

Having done that you can communicate the “new and improved service” with your client base so that you assure your repeat purchase levels for at least 2 years.

BHT Marketing Ltd have been conducting Telephone Satisfaction Survey work for several years since our inception in 1997 and we would be happy to give advice.

150 people can be surveyed for only £319 + £29 set-up and with the remedial work you do the outlay should easily be recovered.

If you’d like to talk it over, with no obligation, just call Freephone 0808 172 1900 and we’ll be glad to give you help and advice.

BHT – always happy to help.