You’re sure that you give good service and that your prices are competitive.

So they should come back this year, but will they?

Why not ask them with telephone reminders?

The quickest way is to pick up the telephone.

However, the majority of garage owners and opticians, for example, shy away from this and prefer the emotionally less taxing approach of letters and texts.

Why? Because they might say “No, I’m going somewhere else.”

Anyone would be upset by that. It’s hurtful to think that last year’s client would want to go somewhere else and you don’t where they’ve gone and why, and, of course, it’s too late now to do something about it.

If only you had been in touch with them after the last visit things might have been different, but you weren’t.

It is a fact that by staying in touch with clients by telephone between visits the relationship is strengthened and the chances of rebooking are improved. (More about that in the next article – entitled Staying in Touch)

So, if all of this is starting to make sense to you but you aren’t keen to pick up the ‘phone yourself I would recommend that you use a telemarketing agency. (N.B. Don’t be tempted to think that someone in the office can do it because it won’t be as effective and anyway they might be like you and not keen to pick up the ‘phone either!)

Telemarketing operatives are comfortable talking to people on the telephone and talking to clientele is easier for them because it’s not a cold call and they don’t have the emotional involvement that you do.

We have evidence to show that reminder telephoning works extremely well with results being up to 25% more successful than letters or texts. (Just imagine the increase in turnover and profitability that 25% improvement in throughput would make!)

So, if you have clients who need to be reminded of their next visit, why not try a one month campaign of 10 hours and see how good the results can be for you.

150 people can be contacted for only £319 + £29 set-up and the yield should more than pay for the outlay.

If you’d like to talk it over, with no obligation, just call Freephone 0808 172 1900 and we’ll be glad to give you help and advice.

BHT – always happy to help.