The sales meeting went well and it was agreed that a quote be sent by email.

However, people shy away from picking up the telephone to follow-up and ask the prospect what the outcome is.

Why? Because the prospect might say “no you haven’t got the business”.

We wouldn’t be human if that didn’t affect us.

You only need one rejection to cause disappointment and discouragement.


However, it is a fact that by following up quotes by telephone strengthens the relationship and improves the chances of success.

Having said that, of course, some people can pick up the phone and some can’t.

If you can’t I would recommend using a telemarketing agency.

Telemarketing operatives are comfortable talking to people on the telephone and to follow up quotes is relatively simple for them because it’s not a cold call and they don’t have the emotional element that you do.

We have evidence to show that following up quotes by telephone works well and often results in up-selling.

So, if you want to follow up proposals and quotes, why not try a 10 hour campaign one month and see how good the results can be.

150 people can be contacted for only £319 + £29 set-up and the yield should more than pay for the outlay.

If you’d like to talk it over, with no obligation, just call Freephone 0808 172 1900 and we’ll be glad to give you help and advice.


BHT – always happy to help.