People are happy to answer a telephone but how many are just as happy to pick up that handset and make a call to someone they have never spoken to before.

The majority of people will shy away from it. It could be from our child-hood days when we were repeatedly told “Don’t talk to strangers.”

If you are trying to promote your own service/product there is another issue. There is an emotional input. You believe in your service/product and you think that everyone else should. Consequently, you might come over as pushy when you thought you were being enthusiastic.

Of course, the ultimate fear is that of rejection. We wouldn’t be human if that didn’t affect us. Compare the emotions of winning to losing, they are worlds apart. Rejection can lead to feelings of disappointment which, in turn, leads to discouragement and can even lead to a questioning of the validity of your service/product.

Not many people are comfortable having their pride and joy rejected time after time.

This is where the telemarketing agency comes into play.

Operatives in telemarketing agencies are comfortable talking to people they have never spoken to before because they do that day-in, day-out for every client they work for.

Agencies have statistics that show that for every market there is a percentage of rejection, a percentage of “maybe” and a percentage of interest. So there is no need for an emotional input because they know that if they process the database properly they will find the prospect nuggets that are buried somewhere in that database.

Consequently, the rejection element is just a statistic and can be seen as getting closer to that nugget.

If you have a database of potential prospects for your service/product and you’d like to find the ones who are interested currently, why not try a 10 hours a month campaign which will contact up to 150 people, keep your budget to a minimum (£319 + £29 set-up) and may find you a couple of leads.

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