A successful business has buyers coming back.

Easier said than done you might say, because the world is a much more competitive place. You’d be right, it is difficult to compete.

The large national chains are constantly trying to muscle in on the territory of local businesses and every time they gobble one up it gets harder for the rest.

Online shopping is taking an increasing slice of business because people’s lives are becoming more and more busy and it’s just easier to shop on the internet.


So, is there a solution?           YES there is.


You already have something in your marketing arsenal that the national chains and the internet can’t possibly have –  you havethe personal touch” – you know your clientele by name and they know you, you have a relationship which goes back through time, so let’s use that advantage!


So this is the answer – pick up the phone and talk to your clientele.

Instead of sending out impersonal texts or letters to remind people of

  • Their eye-test
  • Their pet’s injection
  • Their cars MOT
  • Their dental appointment

why not pick up the phone and talk to them and book the appointment at the same time?

It might take a little of your time but the returns are worth it and you achieve two objectives in one call – the personal touch and you book the appointment.


The Returns

 I can show you statistics that prove that eye-test bookings went up by 25%.

MOT bookings went up by approx. 25 – 30%

The return on investment is very huge.


So now you know that it works why don’t you give it a try. 


Here’s an idea

Next month send out letters or texts to half of your clientele and call the other half yourself.

You’ll be amazed at the difference in the results and I’ll wager that you’ll switch to calling rather than texting or sending letters in the future.


Of course, if you haven’t the time to do it yourself we could help.

Our charges are modest:

  • We charge £29 to take a brief over the phone and set ourselves up.
  • We make a minimum of 10 dials per hour for £29
  • We prepare a written report each month for £29

So now you can compete with the major chains and the internet and you have the advantage of “The personal Touch” good luck.


If you would like some help with any of this, please just call me on 0808-172-1900


BHT – always happy to help.