15 November 2017, Comments Comments Off on GDPR – making email marketing more difficult?

The General Data Protection Regulations have made e-mail marketing more difficult, or have they?

We all thought that TPS would make telemarketing more difficult when it was introduced in 1999 and then the CTPS in 2004.

However, once we started to think about it we realised that the people who, metaphorically closed the door on telephone calls, were the people we didn’t want to talk to any way!

Consequently, I suspect that the same will be true for e-mail marketing. Do we want to be bothered wasting our time on people who are not open to new ideas? I guess the simple answer is “No”.

So at the end of this we are going to be left with the people who are quite open to new ideas and services either by ‘phone or e-mail, who are ready to embrace new concepts, listen, read and meet.

These two measures will help us to be more focussed on the “open to new ideas” people in the market place and not waste time on the isolationists.

Having said all of that, however, I do feel that there is a real dilemma here.

Companies may have databases which are already TPS checked but then find that some of those records do not sign up for receipt of e-mails. So here’s the dilemma – what to do?

My suggestion is to split databases into telemarketing only and e-mail marketing only.

During the TPS telemarketing campaign the question can be asked again about subscribing to the emails and bringing them into the fold. The appropriate email can be sent asking for the recipient to complete the form and join the other database.

It will be interesting to see which of the two campaigns is more effective because it has long been my opinion that being able to talk to someone is far more powerful than sending a digital message.

However, the volume of emailing is very important to allow us to reach a much wider audience than a telemarketing campaign ever could but the follow-up by telephone calls to those who have “clicked” is the most important part of the exercise.

This brings the personal touch back into the equation and, of course, by only calling those who are showing a degree of interest makes the telemarketing section of the campaign much more effective and also keeps its cost down.

Each method has a vital role to play but when used in conjunction with each other better results still can be achieved than would be if only used singly.

So, on balance, I think GDPR will sharpen up marketing and bring the complementary use of telemarketing back into focus as the personal aspect of e-mail marketing campaigns.

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