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12 July 2017, Comments Comments Off on Total Marketing Support

Director : Business Development

When you’re building a marketing campaign there maybe one or two vital elements that you need which are missing from your skill base.

This is where BHT’s Total Marketing Support can help.

You can take just the element(s) you need or we can manage the complete campaign for you.

These are the Total Marketing Support elements:


  • Planning the 6 month e-mail campaign schedules
    • Topics
    • E-mail writing
    • E-mail design
    • E-mail despatch
    • Software interrogation
    • Telephone follow-up
  • Planning, specifying and procuring a database
  • Planning the e-mail permissions telephoning schedule

 Graphic Design work

  •  Reviewing and renewing your brochure(s)
  • Reviewing and renewing your website
  • Reviewing and renewing business cards
  • Designing the e-mails


  • Bringing aspects of your website to life
  • Designing and producing animated seasonal cards
  • Designing and producing gifs for Social Media


  • Writing copy for the website
  • Writing copy for the brochure(s)
  • Writing the business cards
  • Writing the articles which are the basis of the e-mails.
  • Writing copy for the e-mail campaign

Social media linkage

  • Ensure that your pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are current so that your blogs can attract attention to your website.

 Website work

  • Design and write a one page “capture” website
  • Update or completely redesign the website
  • Add a prominent phone number to your website
  • Add a “Contact us” and article/blog section
  • Add a blog section for the articles which will form the basis of your e-mail campaign

Telephone work

  • Ring through the data to obtain each contact’s e-mail permission
  • Telephone follow the “clicked”
  • Call-handling to take enquiries from the e-mails and website

Contact us

If there are any areas that you need that are not covered in the list above please let us know because we may be able to help anyway.

Otherwise, if you would like to discuss any aspect of our services, for inclusion in your sales/marketing campaign, please don’t hesitate to call us on Free-Phone 0808-172-1900.

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