Everyone should have a Standby Call Answering Service

23 June 2015, Comments Comments Off on Everyone should have a Standby Call Answering Service

Most of us operate in a reasonably controlled working environment where a call can be answered within 3 rings – don’t we?

If that statement is already worrying you, have a talk with me about our Standby Call Answering Service and get some telephone coverage. (From £13.50/mth – it’s a no-brainer!)

However, let’s assume that you believe that call answering services are not that good and you’re better off using Voicemail or an answering machine.

Why would you think that?

Well, there are two popular misconceptions:

  • a call answering service is going to cost you an arm and a leg
  • the person answering your calls can’t do a good job because they don’t know enough about your business.

Let me address the first objection – it’s going to cost an arm and a leg.

Let’s assume that you run a business where the average ticket price of your service is £200 and let’s assume that you close 1 in 3 enquiries or sales meetings (that’s low but I’m deliberately stacking the odds in your favour).

Now let’s try and imagine you only get about 1 call a day and let’s assume that you use a Voicemail or an answering machine when you’re out.(By the way did you know that over 80% of people will not leave a message on Voicemail or an answer machine and will never call-back again?)

Out of 21 calls in a month you only need to miss 3 to have lost your 1 in 3 opportunity of making a sale worth £200.

Put that against the cost of the BHT Standby Call Answering Service and you’ll agree that it is a “no-brainer” that you should use it.

We charge:

£13.50 per month for the line and

£2.01 per call for up to 3 minutes

any extra time, overall, is charged at 67p per minute

Put that against the cost of a lost sale opportunity worth £200 and you’ll see what I mean about it being a “No-brainer


The second objection – the operative won’t know as much as you do.

Well neither does your Voicemail or answer machine.

But we have two advantages over the machine or Voicemail:

Advantage 1 – After a briefing meeting with you we CAN know a little about your business and answer the phone with a degree of knowledge.

Advantage 2 – the caller is talking to a real human being – not a machine and can have a conversation not just leave a message.


To Summarize

You only use the service each month when you need it and it will always be at a fixed cost, so you will know what you budget is.

Additional Call Answering Services are available

 In total BHT has 3 call answering services:-

Some people prefer to have their calls answered all day so that the can get on without interuptions. They return the calls the next morning. So we have the office hours – 9-5 service.

Other people like to have the out-of-hours periods and weekends covered so we have a service which will answer calls over-night and week-ends too.

All of our services have fixed monthly fees based on the number of calls you receive. So you’ll always know exactly what your monthly costs are.


BHT has a call answering service for any eventuality which can be tailored to suit your needs and even altered when and if your needs change.

If you would like to know a little bit more about how our call answering services work call us on our FREE-PHONE – 0808-172-1900

and ask for me or Christine.


BHT always happy to help

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