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Director : Business Development

Director : Business Development

Call-handling : It’s value in retaining concentration and saving money

I met a man the other day who told me that phone calls are the bane of his life. In fact, he told me, the whole office hates the phone ringing.

When I asked why, he explained that his business is all about writing software and designing bespoke websites. The software writers or web designers need to maintain high levels of concentration. A phone call interrupts that concentration and worse still it takes time to get back to where they were thinking once the phone call has concluded. Consequently, they are not only losing time taking the call but are losing more trying to get their heads back to where they were.

He pointed out to me that his software writers and web-designers earn high salaries and therefore the cost of a phone interruption is significant.

I immediately responded that there is a simple way to deal with that problem.

Use a call-handling service to intercept all calls during the day and send messages through by e-mail so that they can be addressed at lunch-time or the end of the day. This way real people answer the phone maintaining personal contact but the software writers and designers are left free to get on with their jobs undisturbed.

So how does the cost compare with the cost of the time lost due to disturbances.

Let’s assume that a software writer earns only £25,000 a year, so in a day he costs the business approximately £100. Let’s say he gets 2 calls in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Each call lasts 10 minutes and then it takes another 20 minutes to get back to full concentration.

So on an average day this software writer is losing 40 minutes in phone calls and 80 minutes in lost productivity – 120 minutes in total. This 2 hour lost time is costing the company nearly £30 per day or £150 per week or £7,800 per annum.

Now assume that there are 5 people in that office the lost time equates to a staggering £39,000 per annum.

The cost of a 9-5 call-handling service each month for all of that office would only be £300/month or £3,600 per annum. That’s a saving in total cost of £35,400 and in time – 500 hours!

Call-handling services are very flexible and can be turned on or off at will. They also operate out-of hours services so that those calls can be captured, recorded and e-mailed through to the client as recorded messages. They can then be dealt with at the client’s leisure.

BHT has been looking after their clients’ in-coming calls since 2010. They use their own professional, fully qualified telemarketers to take these calls and using a piece of technology known as “Whisper” can always answer the calls in the appropriate company’s name.

If this is something that could save your business productivity time just call me, Colin Bonham-Horton on 0808-172-1900 and I will be pleased to tell you how much your call-handling service would cost.

There are more details about this service at http://www.bhtmarketing.com/virtual-office/ on our website.

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