The world’s simplest and most flexible marketing tool

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The world’s simplest and most flexible marketing tool is the Telephone. It’s easy to use and allows you to talk to a large number of people in one day – on average you can speak to 70+ people in a 7 hour day. Imagine trying to do that face to face!

Commonly, of course, this is all lumped together and called Telemarketing but don’t just think that there’s only one use for this dynamic marketing tool. You can use it for supporting date-sensitive reminders like MOT’s and eye-tests, brand promotion, market research, customer satisfaction surveys, improving the performance of other forms of marketing, as well as simply staying in touch with your prospects and clients.

Over and above all of this, of course, is its power as an appointment booking tool. It is the only marketing tool that can achieve this. It is the most Pro-Active Marketing Tool there is. All other marketing tools rely on the customer responding. With Telemarketing you can talk directly and get the response immediately.

Here’s a list of things that work best using Telemarketing:

Finding the right people

“Once I get in front of the right person I’m OK, it’s finding the right person and making that cold call that I find difficult.” Sound familiar?
Obviously, it’s no good having the wrong contacts to talk to or to send marketing material to. Using Telemarketing you can find the right person and collect all their details at the same time. Then you have all you need to be able to ring them, or send information to them by snail mail or email.

A Gentle Reminder

We all have busy lives and simple things like our MOT’s, eye inspections, club renewal dates and all those other repeat appointments, tend to get forgotten.

If the garage, optician or club uses Telemarketing the problem can be resolved.

The solution is very simple, let’s take the MOT’s as an example. A MOT Garage uses Telemarketing to call their customers to remind them that their MOT is due in the next few weeks. They give them the option to book the appointment then and there whilst up-selling and promoting other products and services. Much better than just hoping they will show up don’t you think!

Working Hand in Hand with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the key-stones in any good marketing plan and B2B Telemarketing can boost the effectiveness of an Email campaign in three ways:
Firstly, B2B Telemarketing can be used to gather the right contact details and confirm “opt-ins”, thereby protecting you from possible prosecution. [/li]
Secondly, it can follow the “opened” e-mails and talk directly to already interested people.[/li]
Finally, by finding the people who are the most interested in your product or service they can be added to your Auto-Responder Sales Funnel with the aim of converting them to prospects and then clients.[/li]

Booking Appointments

Sometimes you can find yourself in the right place at the right time and an opportunity can fall into your lap. Mostly, however, you have to work steadily to find the opportunities and then work hard to convert them.

It’s the same with B2B Telemarketing. The person you are talking to could be looking for your product or service just at the time you call but mostly it’s about developing a pipeline of opportunities and converting them to appointments over time. This is how a B2B Telemarketing appointment-booking campaign will work over several months.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer feedback is vital to all brand Marketing strategies. If we don’t have customer reaction data how do we know that what we are doing is right.

A Customer Satisfaction Survey, undertaken by professional Telemarketers, is a perfect way to gather the information needed to refine the product/service/company image.

An impartial, third party can talk directly to your customers and get a reality to the answers which could otherwise not be achieved. Conversations often ensue which can throw additional light on the subject.

The net result is that you have more information and data to help with that targeting and refinement which will improve turnover and profitability.

Market Research

You’ve probably often wondered whether there was another market for your product/service, or if there was a gap in the market that your customers were looking for someone to fill. So why not ask them?

Using an impartial Telemarketing agency, you can ask up to 10 questions, which will help you develop that new market. Better still, the targeting will be spot on because you are doing what they told you they want!

Following Important Documents

If you send out proposals, quotes and letters it’s always a good idea to follow them up on the telephone just to check that it has been received and to see if there is anything else that you can do to be of assistance.

Don’t forget that these simple courtesies let people know that you believe that they are very important to you, and that can only be a good thing.

A good example of this is a Pizza Take Away & Delivery company which calls its customers 30 minutes after having delivered their pizza to check everything was OK. It’s a simple idea but it lets the customer know that they are important and it also gives a ready supply of immediate feed-back.

Staying in touch

Touching base and just calling to say “Hi” can be just as important as any other marketing tool. It’s maintaining that once a quarter call to keep you in the forefront of your customers’ minds. It puts a personal touch to your relationship and that’s important because we are all human beings, not corporations!

Getting the Money

We all have to deal with money and I’m sure we have all had the occasion when an invoice payment is overdue. Calling them about it can be a little nerve racking.

However, if you approach it as though you were simply checking that they are OK, enquiring how business is and finally reminding them that there’s an invoice due you usually speed things up. It also gives you a golden opportunity to tell your customers about new lines that you are launching and new offers you might be running.

Of course, if you still find it difficult picking up that ‘phone there’s always the impartial agency who can help you out.


So these are all the dynamic marketing things you can use the telephone/telemarketing for. However, you’re probably saying “That all sounds so simple if only I had the time.”

Of course, you would expect me to have a solution and I do. There is a very good professional B2B Telemarketing agency with 20+ years knowledge and experience, and yes I’m one of the Directors. Seriously though, we are committed to helping people use the telephone in all of these various ways and can help you with your telemarketing either with a little training or as a mentor or simply do it for you.

If you would like to know more, ring me on FREE-PHONE 0808-172-1900.

BHT – always happy to help

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