The 10 Principles of BHT B2B Telemarketing

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The 10 Principles make us the most reliable B2B Telemarketing team in the Midlands and possibly the whole country.

If you are uncertain which company to choose then it’s as well to know that these 10 Principles of B2B Telemarketing act as the foundation to every BHT B2B Telemarketing Service.

Because we had suffered at the hands of unscrupulous telemarketing agencies we were determined to develop our own B2B telemarketing Company that “does what it says on the tin”.

So we put the basics of these Principles into our business right at the Start in October 1997 and we have steadily developed and refined them over the last 16 years into the “Rolls Royce” service that you can enjoy today throughout the Midlands.

These 10 Principles run through the Pure & Simple and Telemarketing Plus services and the underlying principles of top quality people and service run through our Virtual Office service as well.

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